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Figment Fact #3 - Seeing Green

It never surprises me just how off-the-wall sponsors can be when raising concerns about an Imagineering project. For all the complaints about highly-themed “golden arched” carts, product placement was never “worse” than in the good-old-days. From Ford convertibles in the Magic Skyway to Monsanto’s House of the Future, the further back you go in time the more obvious the corporate involvement becomes in Disney’s parks.
It’s also hysterical how such real world concerns can leak into the Disney world. This fact reminds me of the time Harry Truman refused to ride Dumbo – The Flying Elephant because of the Republican symbolism!
But, seriously its facts like this that make me thankful for sponsors like Kodak. Can you image if Figment was always green!? There’s nothing futuristic about green dragons! As a result, I’m not one to get upset about sponsor presence large or small. So the next time you leave Epcot and see the Siemens logo lasered across the back of Spaceship Earth, Celebrate It, after all they made sure the “Icon” became what it was supposed to be – TEMPORARY!

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